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Author Topic: Trialee Guidelines  (Read 3547 times)

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Trialee Guidelines
« on: April 19, 2011, 01:02:31 PM »
Welcome, and congratulations on becoming a Trialee in Order of the Rose Croix! As a Trialee you have a month to convince the guild members that we should keep you and there are a few very simple things. The points below will help you understand what we look for in our Trialees and our Full Members,

What is expected of me as a Trialee?

As has been said before, we recruit the player, not the character. Hence we love our members to be active, not only in the game, but participate actively in guild chat, in groups and raids or PVP events and be active on the forum. There should be no fear of interacting with other members and we would like to see what person YOU are!

Who should I go to?

Every Trialee will be appointed a Guardian. This is a Full Member who has good knowledge of the guilds systems, rules and regulations. Should you have a question about the guild or how we run things then you should refer it to your Guardian. Should it be an urgent thing you should direct yourself towards an officer.

How should I conduct myself?

The most important thing about being an ORC member is to have fun. We are a mature guild and each and every one of us strives to enjoy the game. This means enjoyment for everyone so guild chat group chat should always be kept in a good spirits. We would expect you to conduct yourself as a respectable member to the rest of the WoW community as well. This means every time you write in 2.Trade or join PuG raids or groups that you are a representative of ORC and would be expected to behave as such. We have a very good reputation and would like to keep it.

What should I avoid?

We would hate for you not to pass your Trial but below is a couple of points that might make this come to pass:
Disappearing during your trial, not being active ingame: Should something happen that takes you away from the game, please make a post on the forum so people know you are away. You don't need to post a specific reason if you don't want to but an estimated time of your return.
Spamming guild chat with your damage meter details: Guild chat is meant to be a communal channel for all our members to find help, groups and for random idle chat. This is not the place to broadcast your uberness.
Staying in hiding: Keep your representation of ORC high and your participation in ORC vast. We like to see our members joining in on Groups, Raids, PVP-events and other competitions that are presented throughout the game. Join the fun!
Ignoring the Forum: The forum is here for a reason, this is where we can share details about  the game and keep each other up to date about things ingame and out. This should be checked very regularly to be sure you know what is going on with the guild!

This should give you a good idea of how to successfully complete your trial with ORC. Nothing has been said above that we wouldn't expect of our full members, so should you complete your Trial we would expect you to keep that going as long as you are an ORC member.

Common sense is the best way of putting it.

Enjoy your Trial.
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