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Title: Guide to Applying to The Order of the Rose Croix
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Things you should know about ORC

The Order of the Rose Croix is a socially mature Guild (18 years old +) of online gamers. Our primary presence at the moment is in World of Warcraft, Horde Faction, Server Runetotem, although we have members in other online games ? Guild Wars, Age of Conan, Heroes and Villains, Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online etc. Many of our members are keen raiders although we have our share of casual players and PVP addicts. As a semi-raiding guild, we all happily co-exist together in ORC.

ORC is a friends and family style guild of relatively close-knit people. We often hang out on Skype and actually get to know each other. Plus we have had a number of Real Life meetings between members. Because of this, personality is as important as skill to us. Even the most skilled veteran will be declined a trial in our guild if they are rude, annoying, or dishonest.

Our main language is English ? although there will be the occasional chats in Dutch, Swedish, Danish, German etc. We like our members to be active in guild chat and on our forums so it is essential that your command of the English language is good enough to follow what?s going on and can add to the community atmosphere.

This does not mean we are uptight. In fact, quite the opposite. We're full of nice guys, ditzy chicks, assholes, off-colour jokes, funny stories, etc. However, we expect people to be genuine, and to feel like they're having a fun time. We want people to actually care about and like (mostly) their guild mates.


If you haven't done so yet, the first step in the application process is to register on these forums. If possible, register with your game character name as this will make it easier to recognize you. Note the guidance here (

Your application

You should remember that we are recruiting the player, not the character on screen. You should therefore try and describe yourself, your gaming experience and your background in such a way that we get a picture of you as a person. We are not seeking confidential information of course but we ask that you make the effort to show us that you have the social skills needed to fit in.

What we are expecting from you:

What we do not wish to see:

What will happen next

Your application will be acknowledged and subsequently discussed by all the officers in the closed forum. You may be asked for clarification on points in your application.

If the officers agree, you will be invited to have a chat with an officer online and should that be satisfactory, you will be invited for a trial with ORC.

Should your application fail to impress or to meet any of the above criteria, you will be politely declined.

Trials last for a minimum of four weeks at the end of which time members will be asked to vote on whether to offer you full membership of ORC or not. You will normally be assigned a guardian who will help you to make the best impression in the guild.

And finally ..

ORC welcomes applications for membership from real life friends and family of existing members who have been full members of the guild for not less than 3 months.