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Welcome to the Order of the Rose-Croix

We are a friendly online gaming group for adults, established in October 2001. We mostly play massively mulitplayer online games, some of which have included Everquest 2, Planetside, Guild Wars 2 and of course World of Warcraft. We also play non-MMO online together, for example Path of Exile.

We are always open to hearing from new players that may like to join us. We promote fair and friendly play styles and do not tolerate trolling or grief based play. Please refer to our Guide to Applying if you are interested in joining us. Please note that our application rules may change from time to time. We also generally only accept new members that are 18 years old or over.

We are currently interested in the following games:
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Wildstar
  • Everquest Next and Landmark

  • We may also be interested in:
  • Star Citizen

  • Thank you for visiting ORC, we look forward to playing with you.

    * Recruitment Status

    ORC is recruiting for the following games

    The Elder Scrolls Online
    Wildstar [Dominion]
    Everquest Next and Landmark

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    February 01, 2014, 10:23:44 am by Wivelrod
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    So another year rolls by and ORC is getting geared up for a slew of new online games.

    First up appears to be The Elder Scrolls Online, a MMO version of the popular Elder Scrolls series (Skyrim, Oblivion etc). There appears to be a little be of excitement in our ranks regard this one.

    Coming a little later is Wildstar, a science fiction fantasy MMO from Carbine Studios. This looks to be quite a fun action based MMO, but also has a lot of familiarity to those old WoW veterans that might be looking for something with similar Aesthetics, but in a totally different setting.

    Lets not also forget the much anticipated "MMO Game Changer", that is Everquest Next. The creative mode, named Everquest Next: Landmark is just entering the Alpha stage now. Its taking the voxel based building system you may have become familiar with via Minecraft or Rust, and combines it with an Everquest RPG style experience. ORC hopes to have a presence, and maybe one of our members will create something in Landmark that ends up in the full game!

    Also on the horizon is the extremely successfully crowd funded Star Citizen, a multiplayer space exploration, combat, trading sandbox game from the makers of Wing Commander. Plus there is a similar venture by David Braban with Elite Dangerous.

    Then there is the Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls, which may interest some of us for a while. And lets not forget the behemoth of the MMO genre has a new expansion in the works....

    Meanwhile Path of Exile is about to get a big content update too.

    2014 looks to be an exciting and busy year for the guild. See you in game :)
    May 03, 2013, 04:11:23 pm by HootMcToot
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    Started a new Level 0 Human at 4:16 Wednesday morning.  Max McToot (Thankfully the name wasn't taken already)  The initial character generation was fun but I couldn't find the customisation options which seemed to on Random by default.  Game mechanics aren't much fun so far - his health bar is full but he has to be fed constantly!

    A few other family members created new Humans recently so I've been able to twink him with loads of gear.  His starting abilities are pretty rubbish but hoping as I slowly level him up I'll be able to team him lots of new skills.  One day I hope he'll be able to take up some crafting skills ;D

    April 25, 2012, 10:39:41 pm by Blood
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    We managed to kill the final boss in Eternity Vault tonight !

    Gratz us for an awesome night and some shiny loot !

    Piccies will show up later...
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