We've moved to DISCORD

Hi, if you are reading this expecting to see the old forum pages for our gaming community, then you are in the right place!

I have taken the decision that maintaining the forum is not worth the effort required due to the very low number of posts we received throughout a year, sometimes going over a month without any updates.

Never fear though, the community is far from dead!

The community is now hosted in Discord!

Discord is almost the de-facto location to find online communities these days. I know it doesn't have the same kind of "threaded" posts you may be used to in a more traditional style forum. Think of it more as a bunch of guild chat channels you can visit regulary and talk about what games you are playing, and to catch up with old friends. We already have a range of channels ready for you, and can easily create more!

If you are not already a member, we have posted an invite link to the ORC Facebook community. If you are not a member of that, then please message me on Discord via Wivelrod#8120, letting me know what your forum or in-game name was, and I'll hook you up an invite.

See you there!

Wivelrod (Sept 2020)